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What Is Renting-To-Buy?

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Is Renting-To-Buy The Right Option For You?

Current Credit Score: 525
Current Down Payment: 3.75%



Heavy Equipment Operator at Sunset Construction for the past 8 years. Credit has been damaged due to a consumer proposal after a major life event. Peter has some down payment and needs to get his finances in order to get into a home. Along the way Peter will be coached on how to improve his credit so he can qualify for a mortgage with flying colors.

Current Credit Score: 580
Current Down Payment: 5%



Owner and Operator of Stanley Home Services since 2014. Mariette has difficulty obtaining a mortgage through the big banks as she is self-employed. She needs to work on a customized financial plan to be able to get a mortgage in 2 years and build up a minimum 10% down payment.

Current Credit Score: 640
Current Down Payment: 3%


Mr. and Mrs. Lowdown-Payment

Susan and Bob have saved up to 3% of the purchase price of the home they wish to buy. They are wanting to use the Rent-to-Buy program as a forced savings plan to accumulate the down payment they need. They want to start building equity into their future home as opposed to paying down their current landlord's mortgage.

Why Would I Rent-To-Buy?


Eliminate the need to move frequently or on short term notice giving you peace of mind.​


Fixes your monthly payments throughout the term, allowing you to plan and budget more easily.

Pet Friendly

Welcomes your extended fury family so you are stress free.


Allows you to choose a home that is in good livable conditions and fits your family's needs rather than picking from the rentals available.


Locks your future purchase price so you benefit from any property appreciation when you exercise your option to purchase.​


Allows you to get into a property with a partial down-payment and build up the remaining amount monthly.

Why Choose Us?

Is the Rent-To-Buy program right for me?